Fixing Vodafone UK London Underground wifi

If you’re using an iPhone and have a Vodafone UK monthly subscription, there’s a special wireless network SSID (VodafoneWiFi) that bypasses the annoying Virgin Media login screen everytime you’re in the London Underground (as with the SSID VirginMediaWifi).

Unfortunately there’s some sort of Apple issue that doesn’t let it connect directly as it asks for a username and password instead of using the SIM authentication (EAP-SIM). This config profile forces the iPhone to use the SIM to connect itself to VodafoneWiFi. Enjoy. Click here from your mobile browser and hit Install

UPDATE for 2019 – still works on the tube, though a little unreliable on newest iOS as maybe 20% of the time it will refuse to connect. I suspect that’s an access point problem vs a phone problem. Either way this is as good as it gets!

Amazon Echo in the UK

No longer needed now that Amazon launched Echo here officially. Although I get better results by keeping a US model and just updating the address, so technically it’s a US model in the UK. You lose specific UK recipes for now but certain things like iHeartRadio only work on the US model. YMMV.

Devdiner has a great write up on how to quickly hack your Echo to work outside the US. For those in the UK it works perfectly once you get the address properly formatted including County. Weather and even the Uber booking seem to work flawlessly. Here’s the UK specific code I used. Follow his directions for the cURL method and replace the XXXXX’es with whatever is already there in your own settings.

{"devicePreferences":[{"deviceAccountId":"xxxxxxxxxx","deviceAddress":"10 High Street, London, London, GB","deviceAddressModel":{"city":"London","countryCode":"GB","county":"London","district":null,"houseNumber":"10","label":null,"postalCode":"WC1A 1AA","state":"London","street":"High Street"},"deviceSerialNumber":"xxxxxxx","deviceType":"xxxxxxx","firstRunCompleted":true,"notificationEarconEnabled":true,"postalCode":"WC1A 1AA","responseStyle":"CONCISE","searchCustomerId":"xxxxxxxx","temperatureScale":"FAHRENHEIT","timeZoneId":"Europe/London"}]}