Fixing Vodafone UK subway wifi

If you’re using an iPhone and have a Vodafone UK monthly subscription, there’s a special wireless network that bypasses the annoying Virgin Media login screen everytime you’re in the London Underground. Unfortunately there’s some sort of Apple issue that doesn’t let it connect directly as it asks for a username and password instead of using the SIM authentication (EAP-SIM). This config profile forces the iPhone to use the SIM to connect itself to VodafoneWiFi. Enjoy. Click here from your mobile browser and hit Install

One thought on “Fixing Vodafone UK subway wifi”

  1. Thanks so much for this fix. This problem has been driving me mad for weeks and umpteen calls to Vodafone were useless. They tried to tell me that “VodafoneWiFi” either didn’t exist or was a private network. Agony. Many thanks again!

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