Fixing Vodafone UK London Underground wifi

If you’re using an iPhone and have a Vodafone UK monthly subscription, there’s a special wireless network SSID (VodafoneWiFi) that bypasses the annoying Virgin Media login screen everytime you’re in the London Underground (as with the SSID VirginMediaWifi).

Unfortunately there’s some sort of Apple issue that doesn’t let it connect directly as it asks for a username and password instead of using the SIM authentication (EAP-SIM). This config profile forces the iPhone to use the SIM to connect itself to VodafoneWiFi. Enjoy. Click here from your mobile browser and hit Install

UPDATE for 2020 – still works on the tube, though a little unreliable on newest iOS 13 as maybe 20% of the time it will refuse to connect. I suspect that’s an access point problem vs a phone problem. Either way this is as good as it gets!

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  1. Thanks so much for this fix. This problem has been driving me mad for weeks and umpteen calls to Vodafone were useless. They tried to tell me that “VodafoneWiFi” either didn’t exist or was a private network. Agony. Many thanks again!

  2. Rob

    This is incredibly helpful! Had to wade through dozens of forum posts with user after new user asking this very same question. The whole thing is just baffling – how Vodafone customer care either don’t understand the question or are utterly useless even when they do. And how does iOS not support this out of the box… And how in the first place did Vodafone implement a sim verification method that just doesn’t work with one of the most widely used phones.

    Was a bit hesitant at first to install an unsigned profile but it works like a charm. Only tested for a few minutes today but my iPhone finally connected to the dedicated Vodafone hotspot, something it has never managed to do! So thanks again for this – you win internet good samaritan of the day! I rarely do this but decided to leave a comment so others who stumble onto your post like I did may benefit from this too.


    1. You should be able to manually select the wifi network connection type as EAP-SIM or something SIM in the Android config. It’s easier this way tbh.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for this. Is there anyway to download this file offline instead of from your website as I travel frequently and I dread the day this is removed from your site! Thank u.

  4. This method used to work flawless for me but since a few days ago it is not working. My iPhone tries to log on to VodafoneWifi, then in even less than a second later it goes down the list of available Wifi hotspots. It goes up, trying to connect again, then it goes down. This goes on and on and on.

    I tried removing the profile and adding it again using Safari browser, but the newly added profile didn’t help either.

    Anybody else having a similar issue?

    I can still connect to Virgin Wifi successfully, but it is really not good having to connect manually on every tube visit.

    Thanks for your answers.

  5. Iā€™m still using this every time I plug a different SIM card abroad.
    Thanks mate, works every time for the London Underground.

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